Salisbury Volunteer Training Sessions – New Volunteers

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Salisbury Volunteer Training Sessions – New Volunteers

“I’ve surprised myself with what I’m capable of. It’s given me confidence to deal with challenging situations. I feel like I could cope with anything – nothing would faze me.”

Salisbury Volunteer Training … We are running our next volunteer training session in the Salisbury area in February. There are still some spaces left so if you are interested in volunteering within a local care home contact us for further information.

As little as one hour each week can provide an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for both the volunteer and the older person being visited. Some volunteers visit the same resident each week, others are led by the staff as to who might like a visit and a chat.

Our training programme ensures that volunteers have the information and support needed to visit people in care homes and includes the following topics: Social, physical, emotional communication needs of older people; dementia; meaningful activities; adopting a person-centred approach; health and safety; confidentiality; safeguarding.


4 Responses

  1. Melanie Hart says:


    I am thinking about doing this. My parents were in a retirement home for their last few years and I enjoy spending time with people and helping.

    I am looking for work at the moment but would like to help if I can.

    • Sian says:

      Hi Melanie thank you for expressing an interest.
      I will pass your details on our our Volunteer Coordinator for Salisbury Kate. Kate will contact you and have a chat about the opportunity and upcoming training sessions.

      Thanks again

  2. Hello I would like more information. I was a care worker about 3 years ago. Since then health reasons have made life less easy.
    I would like to have more information please, I do not drive and I live in Wilton.
    Thank you for any advice or information you can let me have.
    Many thanks
    Sue Egan

    • Sian Parsons says:

      Hi Susanne
      Thank you for your interest.
      I will pass you details to our volunteer coordinator for the Calne and Chippenham area Carrie who will be in contact very soon.

      Many thanks

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