Volunteers and Care Home Vaccinations

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Volunteers and Care Home Vaccinations

Dear Volunteers, 

New regulations mean that anyone entering a care home for work or volunteering will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by 11 November 2021, unless exemptions apply. This will help to protect those most at risk from the virus. 

Vaccinations can be booked online through the National Booking Service nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/ or by ringing 119. It is also possible to visit one of hundreds of walk-in centres across the country without the need to book in advance. Find your nearest centre at nhs.uk/grab-a-jab. 

Required evidence in order to enter a care home: 

Care Home Volunteers must be able to demonstrate that they have received a complete course of their COVID-19 vaccination, unless exemptions apply. A complete course may refer to one or two doses of the vaccine, depending on the type of vaccine. It does not cover booster doses. 

All volunteers will need to demonstrate to their coordinator and care home that they have the required level of vaccination to enter a care home this could be: 

  • The NHS App – The NHS App is available to download – more information about the app and how to download it can be found via NHS App – NHS (www.nhs.uk). 
  • The NHS website – NHS.uk 
  • The NHS COVID Pass letter. – Requesting a COVID Pass letter online via Get your NHS COVID Pass or calling 119 (for those vaccinated in England only) Individuals may need to wait 5 working days to receive this. Individuals need to have an NHS number and have been vaccinated in England, but they do not need to be registered with a GP surgery or have an NHS login to get an NHS COVID Pass letter. 

For our volunteers who are not vaccinated but want to continue working with us, we welcome you to partake in any of our activities that do not involve entering into a care home including letter writing, card making or phone calls. Please speak to your coordinator for more information. 

If you would like any help with evidencing your vaccination or If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Warmest regards, 

Care Home Volunteers

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