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Before and since Care Home Volunteers become a registered charity, we have been supported by a number of organisations. Without their continued support, we would not be where we are today.


Meet Our Supporters

Wiltshire Care Partnership
The Wiltshire Care Partnership (WCP) was established in 2012 and registered as a not for profit company limited by guarantee. The decision to establish a provider-led forum within Wiltshire arose from an initiative by the Wiltshire branch of the Registered Nursing Homes Association and the Wiltshire Care Home Association and was supported by Wiltshire Council.
Age UK Wiltshire
Age UK Wiltshire is an independent local charity championing older people in Wiltshire and Swindon, promoting the well-being of older people in Wiltshire and Swindon helping make later life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.
Wiltshire Community Foundation
Wiltshire Community Foundation is an independent charity that gives grants and funding to the voluntary sector and charities across Wiltshire and Swindon. We are an expert on local need and disadvantage in communities and offer high quality advice and support for all types of donors who want to make a difference in their local area.
Edgar E Lawley Foundation
The Edgar E Lawley Foundation is a grant giving Charitable Foundation founded in 1961 by a gift from the late Edgar E Lawley.
The Allen Lane Foundation
The Allen Lane Foundation is a grant-making trust which was established in 1966. The founder was Sir Allen Lane, who set up the publishing company Penguin Books. His family are involved in the running of the trust – two of his granddaughters are Trustees. "We award funding for charitable purposes across the UK. Our focus is on funding ‘unpopular causes’ and we currently make grants towards seven specific beneficiary groups. Our aims are to: make a lasting difference to people’s lives; reduce isolation, stigma and discrimination; and to encourage or enable unpopular groups to share in the life of the whole community."
The Tudor Trust
The Tudor Trust is an independent grant-making charitable trust. We fund a wide range of organisations working to support positive changes in people's lives and in their communities around the UK. We don’t have specific funding programmes designed to advance any particular agenda as we think that the groups we support are best placed to identify problems and develop solutions.
Chippenham Borough Lands Charity
The Chippenham Borough Lands Charity is an organisation that benefits the majority of Chippenham's population. Through funding, encouragement, and guidance, Chippenham Borough Lands ensures that all generations have the opportunity to grow and succeed. By benefiting the people of Chippenham and only those within the area, the Charity maintains high levels of support that aids the diverse groups in the town community
Zurich Community Trust
Zurich is committed to be a good corporate citizen, and in doing so to encourage and support its employees to do their part to make a better world. Zurich delivers its community involvement programme through the Zurich Community Trust (UK) Ltd, a registered charity which is funded by an annual donation from the Zurich UK businesses and by generous donations from Zurich's UK employees. Since its inception in 1973, the Trust has donated over £65 million. "Last year we delivered £2.8 million of charitable activities and, through the full range of our programmes, improved the quality of life of over 100,000 disadvantaged people."