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Volunteers represent a largely untapped resource that can hugely benefit the quality of life for older people in care homes. Through research, Care Home Volunteers has identified the challenges that care homes currently face in making the most of this precious asset.

And at the same time, we’ve identified the key components that will help provide care homes with volunteers so that they can deliver the fun, joy and stimulation that is sometimes missing for residents.

Meet the Team

Suzannah Cook
Chief Executive Officer

Suzannah has a background in adult social care as a trained social worker and registered manager in the public, private and charity sector. As a qualified trainer Suzannah has redesigned services and worked with various sectors to achieve service improvement and redevelopment. Suzannah has a personal vested interest in her role due to her experience of family members living in care homes and the recognition of life changing informal, voluntary care and support. Suzannah recognises the importance of volunteering and the essential service that volunteers deliver. 

Kate Brookes
Salisbury Coordinator

Kate has worked in the charity sector for many years and has a strong interest in volunteering. Kate spent seven years as Chief Executive of the Citizens Advice Bureau, overseeing a large team of volunteers, before moving to Dorothy House Hospice Care. She has volunteered with the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme and as a school Governor. Kate is passionate about the unique role volunteers can play in health and social care settings and the value this brings to everyone involved.

Carrie Wierszycki
Chippenham Coordinator

Carrie originally trained and worked in London firstly as a Registered General Nurse, eventually becoming Senior Sister in a Cardiac Unit, and then working for Southwark Social Services as a Manager of a Residential Care Home. In 2003 Carrie joined Carer Support Wiltshire and then Swindon Carers Centre. She find's it rewarding to work for organisations that strive to achieve the best for people and is excited to be joining Care Home Volunteers and, with the volunteers, playing a part in enriching the lives of care home residents.

Jeni Burchell
Swindon Coordinator
Jeni started her working life by training as a nurse both in a hospital and in the community. Over the past 20 years Jeni has worked as a CEO/senior manager in three charities including Mediationplus and Carers Support. Throughout her career, Jeni have always recognised and supported the huge contribution and difference that volunteers make, not only to the organisations that she has worked in, but the charitable sector as a whole; many charities simply would not operate at all without the commitment and support of volunteers. Jeni is really pleased to be working with the Care Home Volunteers team in developing this new, exciting and much needed service.
Sue Denmark
Trowbridge Coordinator

Sue has a background in adult social care working as a social worker for over 20 years in hospital, community and emergency settings. She also has a long experience in the voluntary sector as a trustee, manager  and as a volunteer and appreciates the unique benefits of volunteering to individuals, organisations and the community. Sue is particularly excited to be joining Wiltshire Care Home Volunteers in a year which has seen both intense focus on the experience of people living in care homes and the recognition of the importance of  informal, voluntary care and support.

Amanda Noble
Amanda is an accomplished Consultant/Trainer in Adult Social Care, with expertise in service development. Responsible for the recruitment, training and ongoing support of volunteers, Amanda is committed to promoting the wellbeing of older people. Amanda is a registered nurse, with extensive operational and management experience within the independent sector, regulation and the NHS. Her leadership skills and ability to deliver have been recognised throughout her career. Amanda continues to provide training/consultancy for providers, local authorities and care associations. Motivated to make a positive difference for people using services, Amanda remains committed to supporting excellence in care.
Heather Alleyne
Heather is our safeguarding advisor. Her most recent post was Head of Service for Adult Safeguarding and Quality Assurance for a local authority. Heather brings a knowledge of safeguarding and the legal framework surrounding it, together with a good understanding of risk assessment and the Mental Capacity Act. Heather has visited many nursing and residential care homes and brings an understanding of the needs of vulnerable residents and the importance of maintaining interests and links with the outside community for an improved quality of life. It is for this reason that she is delighted to be a professional advisor for Care Home Volunteers.
Elizabeth Bartlett

Elizabeth is a qualified social worker with over 30 years experience of working with people living with dementia and their families. She currently runs memory support groups for people living with dementia, trains staff caring for people with dementia in care homes or the community, supports the relatives of people with dementia, and provides guidance for volunteers who want to help them. Elizabeth emphasises that the keys to supporting people living with dementia are developing a good understanding of the organic nature of the condition and the way it progresses, and also trying to grasp the range of emotions they experience.